What is brave browser?

Brave Browser

More and more consumers want to maintain their privacy and security online. Unfortunately, this goal often conflicts with a company’s goal of making money. Businesses of all sizes earn money from tracking or utilizing consumer information.

More people these days are recognizing targeted advertisements after they’ve been searching for something. For obvious reasons, not everyone wants to deal with this kind of web browsing experience. Brave Software Inc recently released a browser that addresses these concerns and more.

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What Does The Brave Browser Do For Users?

The brave browser blocks everything from advertisements to website trackers. It upgrades http to https urls, making the private browser a more secure experience.

All of this blocking occurs automatically and without input required from users. However, brave browser comes with a high degree of customization. It features an additional private tab option of ‘private tabs with Tor’ (still in Beta). Individual users control whether trackers and ads are allowed to run on individual websites. Tweaks to the browser’s block settings are only necessary when compatibility issues arise with a site or service.

A Browser That Feels Like An Enhanced Google Chrome

When someone downloads and runs the brave browser, the entire experience should feel familiar. Brave is built upon Chromium, the same open source browser Google Chrome is based upon. In fact, users can import their bookmarks and saved passwords from Chrome into brave browser at the touch of a button.

Such convenience means switching from Chrome to brave couldn’t be more simple, but why should users consider doing so?

What Helps Brave Browser Stand Out From Other Options?

Brave browser is more than a glorified ad blocker. The browser is built from the ground up with users’ security and privacy in mind. Since its features are automatic, users remain protected at all times.

An individual doesn’t have to worry about seeing ads on websites or throughout videos. Trackers remain disabled, so worry-free browsing is finally possible. Thankfully, blocking all of these elements comes with the added benefit of faster web page loading times and an improved browsing experience.

A Quick Glance At Brave Rewards

Currently, brave browser includes access to Brave Rewards, which rewards users for using the browser and viewing ads. Turned off by default, and completely optional. Every hour of browsing will include a reward available by viewing an ad. To gain this you will need to turn on the optional ads. Doing so rewards a user with Basic Attention Token (BAT).

BAT is paid out every eighth of the month and can be used to reward verified brave content creators. In the future, Brave Rewards will allow users to withdraw BAT for their own use or cash in for various rewards. The program is 100% optional and can be enabled or disabled at any time. It just went live for Android users on July 11, 2019.

What’s Next For The Brave Browser?

Brave Software Inc treats the brave browser with ambition, and new features continue to come to the browser. Although gaining traction in the market will remain challenging, a lot of people have embraced the browser for its focus on safe, ad-free browsing.

The private browser is available for free, and Google Chrome users will feel at home when using. Brave browser continues to grow its’ userbase, with expansion on the horizon.

Looking to try it yourself?

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