Hello World from tkjef

Just starting a personal blog here to talk about some things I like such as
git, sre, load testing, security & the hashicorp tool chain. Might touch on some Kubernetes tooling & projects as well.

Will be running some benchmarks of tools, setups and apps in various languages
and with various dbs. I’ve been working with AWS for 5 years or so, Linux for 10+ years, and was a Ragga-Jungle/Dubstep/Hip-Hop DJ in Los Angeles before that.

I started with PHP & Flash in 2007 and made a music downloads website called digitaldubbed.com (defunct) which was up for 1 12 years. That sparked the dev fire. After a bit of spamming on Twitter I landed a freelance client in the Hollywood area, quit my job, and started freelance developing full-time. With more clients in tow came standardizing the work, using different languages (Javascript, C#) & setting up and storing code/db backups. Also, created a couple of Android apps: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=tkjef

Chasing down clients for money got a little old so ended up landing at a small startup under the umbrella of Realtor.com and working with Perl and Postgres. I’d never worked with Perl before, but it was a blast. Also, https://geekuni.com/ had just launched for Perl training so I felt like even though Perl wasn’t extremely popular there were some resources. Perl ended up making me better at Linux.

Fast-forward and looking for jobs led me into Ruby On Rails, but after a few months went back to PHP and landed at Magento. There I automated the testing workflows with Vagrant to accommodate all variations of technology that were officially supported by Magento. After that, moved onto Directv where I saw a lot of the inefficiences that SRE work could solve, geeked out on satellites (they ran Debian6!), spun up a K8s POC, and moved onto a medium-sized startup as a Java dev.

That was a fun break from Linux to get back into dev, but the trappings of a healthy bottom line (they did well) made moving to the cloud not an essential business requirement. This led to wayward cloud initiatives with multiple attempts at moving to AWS failing. Did I mention this was also a Windows Server shop? With a fair amount of tech debt. While the foray back into dev was fun, my heart is in SRE work. Since then I’ve been working with Terraform a TON, Chef, Puppet, Salt, Nomad, Kubernetes & many monitoring and logging options.

I like vim. And less, and gzip with zless/zgrep is very nice.

I have a few open source projects you can check out on my github: https://github.com/tkjef Looking to create more and work on other projects.